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Best Practices for Playbook Development

BillPMBillPM Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 131 admin

1)     Clear context is key for your playbook. In the example of a Home Remodel project, the scope of the project may come in to play (See #2 below). For example, the County may be important if you plan on providing links to the local permitting office and process, or local vendors.

2)     Bound the Process you intend to document. Think about the intended audience. For example, consider the four following possible variations on the theme of a home remodel project.

3)     Think about the Roles and Responsibilities required to complete the work.

a.      Who would be Accountable for making sure the work gets done? (the General Contractor? the Homeowner?)

b.      Who is Responsible for doing the actual work? (The Plumber? The Electrician?)

c.      Who is Consulted to get the work done right? (The Interior Decorator? The A/V Designer?)

d.      Who, if anyone, needs to be Informed on an activity? (The Insurance Company? The Realtor? The Homeowner)

4)     Determine activity sequencing requirements and dependencies. What sequencing needs to happen in order to have the work come together effectively? Are there dependencies? For Example; Plumbing and Electrical needs to be completed before Drywall goes up, which needs to be completed before painters can start their piece of the work.

5)     Give it a meaningful name. For Example; “Remodel a Home to Sell in Santa Cruz County, California”.

6)     Engage your Community. If documenting a process that you are not intimately familiar with, try working as a team, or better yet, find someone who has done it before to partner with.

Above all else, Have Fun! Critical thinking improves brain performance and, I don’t know about you, but I could all use a little of that…


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