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Tell me about your tagline "connect. innovate. perform."

BillPMBillPM Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 131 admin

Aspenify iPlaybooks® empower distributed teams to rapidly transform ideas into the results that matter most.

The way we work is changing. Recent world events has shifted the norms relating to the way people work from predominantly face-to-face to virtual. As businesses seek to capitalize on this new reality a new software solution is required that empowers virtual communities to stay synchronized while rapidly transforming ideas into results.

With this in mind Aspenify has created the iPlaybook Performance Studio®, a cloud-based enterprise collaboration solution that proves a Low-code/No-code approach to automating the process of converting your ideas into Interactive Playbooks (iPlaybooks) that can be used to easily launch new programs and initiatives that in turn can be used to drive growth.

The iPlaybook Performance Studio® automates the following three steps: Connect, Innovate, Perform.

ConnectSpeed up transformation across your digital business community

Team members should feel confident that their work is visible and appreciated and that they can escalate and receive help quickly when needed. Meanwhile, team leaders should have confidence that they have their finger on the pulse and be able to respond to issues quickly by having real-time visibility and transparency across their teams wherever they are.

The Conductor module within the iPlaybook performance Studio® offers comprehensive capabilities to setup and connect your virtual teams and members together within dedicated secure Workspaces. In addition, Conductor provide Workspace level dashboards to track everything that is happening across Playbooks, Initiatives, Content and Communities. A real-time event tracker is also provided to show live alerts.

InnovateRapidly transform ideas into action using repeatable iPlaybooks®

The innovate quote in the image should be changed to: “Rapidly transform ideas into action through iPlaybooks®

The world is changing, you need to be able to rapidly convert ideas into action by collaborating across virtual teams to quickly capture what needs to be done (the Activities), the tools you need to do it (Content and Tools) and the people that will complete the work (Roles).

Using the Designer module within the iPlaybook Performance Studio you can collaboratively define, configure, sequence and publish your new ideas and business innovation into Interactive Playbooks® (also known as iplaybook®).

PerformAccelerate adoption of key initiatives to drive the results that matter most

The Perform quote in the image should be changed to: “Accelerate adoption for new initiatives while adapting to a changing environment”

iPlaybooks® can be converted to “live” initiatives using the Navigator module which can be used to customize and launch new initiatives, programs or projects using our automated wizard. Given the changing environment Aspenify has embedded a continuous innovation approach to iPlaybooks with full customization capabilities at the time of use.

Once the initiative is launched and “in flight” the Aspenify iPlaybook Performance Studio® includes numerous dashboards and views that can align with your specific preferences including but not limited to Kanban, Work Breakdown Structure, Gantt Chart, Methodology, Assignments, Checklists and so on. Aspenify also offers a customizable dashboard management solution that can be used to track multiple initiatives at the same time within the same Workspace.

Aspenify iPlaybooks® empower distributed teams to rapidly transform ideas into the results that matter most.

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